The positive effect of mindfulness unfolds only through regular exercise.

In our workshops and management development programs, your employees can train the basic competence of mindfulness and internalize it as an attitude in the long term.

In addition, our sustainability packages ensure long-term anchoring in the structures and processes of your organization.


All training offers are methodically sophisticated:

  • Blended learning is standard with us: You receive an intelligent and highly effective mix of classroom training and learning support for transfer into everyday life.
  • Our trainings & programs are exciting! In the live formats, we attach great importance to an interactive teaching of the contents, which enables a fast competence development.
  • Maximum sustainability: With us you don't get "training days", but development programmes and training concepts that promote implementation in everyday life with all means.

You receive the highest possible transfer into your daily work routine through an optimal interlocking of presence training and supporting modules for further learning:

Potential analysis as a basis for tailor-made offers

Interactive presence modules for rapid competence development

Detailed supporting learning material (books, audios and workbooks)

Learning partnerships in the peer group to exchange experiences and increase motivation.

Weekly e-mail impulses that strengthen personal responsibility.

Individual transfer coaching for anchoring basic competence in everyday working life

Group Calls - for targeted reflection of the transfer performance

Final workshops for the consolidation of results

Group Calls - for targeted reflection of the transfer performance

Final workshops for the consolidation of results


Are you looking for a development measure for your executives? Or are you looking for a "mindfulness" module for your existing executive development program?

Talk to us!

We offer you tailor-made executive development measures based on your needs.

A duration of 6 weeks (intensive program) to 6 months (long-term support) has proven its worth.

Your benefit

  • Sustainable development of basic competence Mindfulness through a sophisticated blended learning approach
  • Strengthening resilience and self-management
  • Strengthening listening skills
  • Increased emotional intelligence
  • Training of appreciative and direct communication
  • Maximum skill development through tailor-made program design developed together with you
  • Increased employee loyalty and identification with the company
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"Jan Eßwein and his colleagues achieve not only a change in behaviour in the teams with which they work, but also a change in team chemistry: communication becomes clearer and more direct, mutual attentiveness stronger, results and employee satisfaction noticeably improve.”

Andreas Schlüter,
Plant Leader at W.L. Gore


Are you looking for an incentive for your team? Looking for an impulse for more cooperation and better communication?

Would you like selected high potentials to learn how to deal better with stress and pressure?

Do you want to reduce sickness costs?

Do you need one or two days of inspiration for your management team?

Then a workshop with a sustainability package might be right for you.

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Our offerings

<span id="selbstmanagement">1. STRESS? I DON‘T KNOW THIS!<br /> <span style=""font-weight:500;color:#333333!important;"">SELF-MANAGEMENT THROUGH MINDFULNESS</span></span>
Tight targets, restructuring, time schedules sewn to the edge, the daily meeting
marathon and then 100 emails a day: pressure seems to be the only constant in
everyday job life. And not only for managers.

This seminar shows how employees and managers can deal with it – without losing
motivation and well-being. It conveys concrete techniques, based on the scientifically
recognized MBSR method in order to manage the permanent stress and to build up
resilience. Because stress begins in the head. And there it can be also minimized.


  • Reduction of absences and illness costs through the promotion of mental health
  • Better self-care and early recognition of performance limits
  • Participants learn to remain calm in stressful situations and to act proactively
  • You strengthen the contact with yourself and your own needs
  • You build up resources to stay healthy in the long run

Target group:             Employees, managers
Duration:                      2 days
Number of participants:   8-12
Price:                       On request



  • Learning partnerships
  • Regular e-mail impulses over four weeks
  • 60-minute transfer coaching for each participant
    (2-4 weeks after training)


<span id="fokus">2. WORKING IN FLOW!<br /> <span style=""font-weight:500;color:#333333!important;"">HOW YOU CAN ACHIEVE EXCELLENT RESULTS IN A RELAXED WAY</span></span>
Every minute, knowledge and office workers receive emails, calls, WhatsApp messages,
or chat messages. Many of them hardly get to work because of all that input! And the
density of information is constantly increasing.

How employees and managers achieve deep concentration, creative creation and strategic
thinking again in times of advancing digitalization as well as agile and collaborative working
methods, this seminar conveys. The participants learn an intelligent handling of the digital
media, they get techniques to concentrate on the essentials at work, and come from a
reactive back into the proactive attitude.

In addition, they receive tailor-made recommendations on how they can realize a troublefree,
collaborative work environment and supporting behaviors, especially in open-plan
offices or teams with a strong focus on collaboration.


  • Increase productivity by eliminating unnecessary interruptions
  • Increased ability to concentrate, creativity and mental clarity
  • Structural improvement of team collaboration

Target group:             Employees, managers, teams
Duration:                      2 days with start of the evening before
Number of participants:   8-12
Price:                       On request



For transfer support in individual and team work:

  • Weekly Transfer Tasks over a period of 6 weeks
  • 3 Group Calls (2-8 weeks after training)


<span id="wert">3. APPRECIATIVE AND ON THE POINT.<br /> <span style=""font-weight:500;color:#333333!important;"">HOW YOU ESTABLISH A COMMUNICATION CULTURE, WHERE WORKING IS A PLEASURE</span></span>
Where the greatest expertise is gathered, there is often the least added value: in
meetings. While one wants to make a profile, the other is typing on his smart phone.
The result: half-hearted decisions, many lost man-hours and frustration on the part
of everyone involved.

In this training, teams and mixed participant groups learn how to transform an unsatisfactory
conversation culture into a personal, appreciative and binding one. This not only
makes meetings shorter and to the point, conversations more productive and pleasant,
but also creates sustainable interpersonal relationships. A double benefit, because if the
relationships are stable, one can also speak more directly on the factual level.


  • Shorter and more effective meetings
  • Increased employee motivation, satisfaction and loyalty
  • Teambuilding that results from this leads to stronger cohesion
    and identification with the company

Target group:             Grown teams as well as mixed groups, executives
Duration:                      2 days with start of the evening before
Number of participants:   8-12
Preis:                       On request



  • 8 weekly impulses & tasks
  • 2 group calls to reflect the transfer results
  • 1 concluding presence workshop to secure results


<span id="chef-griff">4. THE BOSS HAS IT ALL TOGETHER<br /> <span style=""font-weight:500;color:#333333!important;"">WHY EXCELLENT LEADERSHIP STARTS WITH GREAT SELF GUIDANCE</span></span>
The numbers are dazzling, the department is doing well – the only question is: How high is
the price the boss pays for it? With the amount of responsibility that managers bear over
the years, personal issues, inner balance and personal development are often overlooked.
This subliminal burden has a negative effect on the relationship with employees and makes
managers far less effective than they could be.

This seminar shows: When managers are mindful of themselves, they also become more
mindful of their employees. They listen better, develop an honest interest for their counterpart
and get so much more information than usual. An attentive boss is therefore the best
sensor for budding imbalances or conflicts. And the sooner a boss can take countermeasures
in these situations, the more relaxed, confident and successful he will be.


  • Strengthening managers as individuals
  • Improved employee-chief relationship
  • Higher effectiveness of the executives with simultaneous inner balance and satisfaction

Target group:             Executives
Duration:                      2 days
Number of participants:   6-10
Price:                       On request



  • Support in the implementation of individual topics
    through two to four 90-minute transfer coaching sessions
    (over 3 months after the event)



Here on the right you will find the complete workshop overview for convenient download: for printing, saving or forwarding by e-mail. Further materials, such as an overview of the keynote speeches and coaching products, or the brochure with all services of Jan Eßwein, can be found under Downloads

"Life has very different situations in store for all people. Jan Eßwein gave me the conviction that it is elementary how to deal with it." Jan Eßwein hat mir die Überzeugung gegeben, dass es elementar ist, wie man damit umgeht.”

Joachim Zeuch,
Sales Manager Night Star Express


Find out how the implementation of the basic competence mindfulness can look like in your company. To make your first steps easier, we offer an exclusive half-day workshop twice a year - only for executives, HR managers and entrepreneurs.

Look forward to an intensive exchange with managing directors and HR managers from other companies who are also working on the implementation of the topic.


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